History of Kathallan

Kathallan GardensWe moved to Billinudgel on the far North Coast of NSW in 1988 from Canberra with over 750 Cacti and other succulent plants. Of the 5 acres we now call ‘Kathallan‘, one acre was devoted to my potted and garden collections. Grass (5’ high) and trees on this one acre meant there was a lot of work to be done, before we could liberate the C & S collection!

Beds were established using screened blue metal turned into the existing clay soils to raise the levels, giving the plants necessary drainage.

A large hot house was built so that I could start propagating plants in a partially controlled environment, and to house the more sensitive plants in the collection.

Kathallan GardensOver the past 22 years the collection of plants has grown to include many more xerophytic plants, and other plants which look good in the dry garden.

Bromeliads now feature prominently in the garden as well, most being as hardy as any of the succulent plants.

Kathallan is most definitely a collector’s garden! Apart from the Cacti, other succulents, and Bromeliads, the garden also features Hippeastrums, Camellias, Euphorbias, Dracaenas and many foliage plants.